Managing Your Project

Managing construction projects to finish on time and on budget requires experience, constant attention and the ability to manage many suppliers and stakeholders. Commodore has an envious reputation for managing projects successfully. 

Commodore utilise an experienced team of trade contractors, many of whom have served Commodore and our clients for over 20 years. The end result is high quality work, less errors and a commitment to aftersales care that is second to none.

At Commodore we focus carefully on communication with Councils, building managers, neighbours and other stakeholders to ensure your project is not only successful but welcomed by those surrounding your premises.



We demand high levels of professionalism and cleanliness from all our contractors and staff and all projects are overseen personally by Commodore's Managing Director, Craig Exley.

Commodore maintain a documented Quality Management System (QMS) that guarantees high levels of finish, communication and accountability in all our work. 

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